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A Movie Night can be a great way to gain insight into extreme weather phenomena and manmade and natural disasters — without having to clean up broken glass or bail water. Be inspired by cinematic and real-life heroes as they struggle to save lives.

[Please remember that movies are intended for personal/home viewing only unless otherwise licensed for screening.]

Backdraft Backdraft
Ron Howard directs an all-star cast in this exciting action-thriller depicting the nerve-shattering, life-and-death struggles of today's firefighters.
Animal Rescues Amazing Animal Rescues
The inherent dangers in animal rescues become clear when rescuers risk their own lives to save animals in peril.
Nature's Fury National Geographic: Nature's Fury
Earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods--these colossal powers of nature have had dramatic consequences for humankind. Journey with National Geographic as we learn how earthquakes create and shape our landscapes and meet heroes fighting to save homes and lives.
Mt. St. Helens The Eruption of Mount St. Helens: IMAX
This movie chronicles the cataclysmic events during one of America's most famous natural disasters. Includes footage from rescue helicopters that combed the area after the initial eruption and revisits the area a decade later, exploring the power of nature to destroy and to heal.
Twister Twister
Tornado researchers Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton run across more twisters than they can handle. Jan de Bont (Speed) directed.
Night to Remember A Night to Remember
On April 14, 1912, just before midnight, the unsinkable Titanic struck an iceberg. In less than three hours, it had plunged to the bottom of the sea, taking with it 1,500 of its 2,200 passengers. A Night To Remember depicts the ship's final hours in an unforgettable rendering of Walter Lord's book of the same name.
Nature's Great Events Great Events of Our Century #1: Disaster
This disturbing and often spectacular episode charts 100 years of disaster and raises the greatest question of all: Can mankind and the planet survive the legacy of the twentieth century? [Also includes Freedom, which explores the 20th century phenomenon of people power, from the individual freedom fighters to the millions of ordinary people who have campaigned to change the course of history.]
Titanic Secrets National Geographic: Secrets of the Titanic (starring Martin Sheen)
Discover the real story behind the biggest Hollywood movie of all time! After years of painstaking research, Dr. Robert Ballard finally located the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic, nearly two-and-one-half miles down in the icy Atlantic. Now, along with Ballard and his team, be among the first humans to see the Titantic since its sinking, as on-location footage presents this historic expedition as it actually happened!
Perfect Storm The Perfect Storm
In October, 1991, Gloucester, Massachussetts, is home to a swordfishing boat called the Andrea Gail, captained by Billy Tyne (George Clooney), a veteran fisherman who has had a run of disappointing catches. Tyne is convinced that he can change his luck by going to the Flemish Cap, a remote area known for its rich fishing prospects. Once out at sea, he hears about a major storm building offshore, but Billy thinks he can beat the storm back to Gloucester, taking an enormous catch with him. If he doesn't try, his crew will come away empty-handed on this last trip of the season.
Poseidon Adventure The Poseidon Adventure
As a capsized ocean liner slowly sinks, a few survivors struggle to escape a watery grave.
Man vs. Nature Secrets of the Millenium Vol 3: Man vs. Nature: Who Will Win?
Never one to be satisfied with his environment, man constantly challenges nature to a duel of wits. For million of years, nature reigned supreme. Now, with seemingly unlimited technology on his side, man stands on the verge of defeatng not only nature but ultimately, himself.
Stormchasers Stormchasers
Follow the people who follow the storms. Prepare to take a ride inside some of the most extreme weather conditions experienced on earth. Hurricanes, monsoons and tornadoes are the stars of Stormchasers, an exhilarating large-format film by MacGillivray Freeman Films.
Towering Inferno The Towering Inferno
On the night of the building's opening ceremonies, the world's tallest skyscraper becomes a blazing disaster. With an outstanding cast, this action packed thriller has become an American Classic disaster movie.
Airplane! Airplane!
One of the great movie spoofs of all time! Robert Hays plays a former fighter pilot, now terrified of flying, who is forced to take over the controls of an airplane.
Wonderful Planet The Wonderful Planet
A musical video celebration of Earth. Journey with us on a 17 billion light-year voyage of the imagination. We begin outside the known universe and penetrate the four dimensional boundaries of space itself in the long voyage to Earth. Next, the great landforms of "The Wonderful Planet" sweep before us. A testament to the awesome power of nature, this program also covers endangered species, the rainforest of the great Amazon River, the plant kingdom and the natural colors of the Earth, from dazzling sunsets and rainbows to the red heat of molten lava and the cool blue waters of a woodland pond. This is a climactic salute to our home world, which is truly "The Wonderful Planet."
White Squall White Squall
Skipper Jeff Bridges is leading a group of students on the voyage of a lifetime when a violent storm takes them by surprise. Ridley Scott directed.

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